Saturday, February 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes...Saturday

Well at least I'm only a day late.

1. My new favorite place to buy baby clothes: Craigslist. Seriously awesome. We just got James all set for the next 6 months of his life for $30. The best is when you can find a "lot" of baby clothes being sold by one person.

2. With the mild February weather I'm getting the itch to start working in our yard again. Primroses are on sale at Fred Meyer!

3. We love Dave Ramsey. Because of him we've been able to set and meet some great financial goals for our family.

4. Had a great day with a friend of mine from college this week - hard to believe that we've known each other for almost 10 years. Becky came over on Friday and we watched all 4 episodes of BBC's North and South. Aaaahh..perfect rainy WA day for a fantastic chick flick. Never mind that we were interrupted the whole time by babies, lunch, naps, and diaper changes - it was fun!

5. Along with the itch to work in the yard, I want to spring clean. My first project? Steam cleaning our carpets.

6. I've been burning lavender oil, and I LOVE the smell.

7. I need a new vacuum. Mine is driving me nuts.

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