Thursday, February 7, 2013

Herring homeschool

SCIENCE aka: bugs galore. I got over my fear of bees and spiders long enough to capture these buggers and freeze them so the kids could examine them under magnifying glasses.
James's bee:
Clare's bee:
MUSIC... Clare teaching James how to play "Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater"
Making beeswax candles out of chunks of beeswax where we buy our honey. They have an "observation hive" at the beekeeper's. The kids were enthralled watching the bees work to make the honey!
What Andrew does...I swear my house was clean only 2 minutes prior to these pictures.
HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY... We love the American Girl books, Little House on the Prairie, and "Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans". Here we're building a log cabin with Lincoln Logs after reading about how Kirsten's family had to build their own house from logs.
HANDIWORK (what Charlotte Mason would call it). Clare's first sewing project! She even added a little button to keep her "purse" closed. She loved this project, and we had fun sitting on the couch doing our sewing together.