Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adventures in Couponing

Thanks to the inspiration of a few good friends -- thank you, Kristine and Cheri -- I have entered the wonderful world of couponing.

I'm still a newbie and make a few mistakes, but we're already noticing a HUGE difference in our grocery bills each month. For example, here's the run down on my short trip to Albertson's yesterday:

Shelf cost (what it would have cost w/o preferred card or coupons): $22.18
Coupons redeemed: $18.06
Discounts: $6.06
Total Savings: $24.12 = 108.75%

Pretty sweet if you ask me, and totally worth the time and effort!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

James and the onion

This little episode in the Adventures of James-ey Boy has a total elapsed time of about 45 seconds.

Me: "James, those onions are icky. No touching, you won't like it."

He succeeds in grabbing one off the counter and popping it in his mouth anyway.

Me: "I told you they were icky." I'm a fan of natural consequences when I can get them. :) After he got done showering the kitchen in a spray of chewed-up onion, he looked at me like, "How in the world could you let me do that???" Maybe next time he'll listen when I say something is icky...

Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I'm really, really going to try to at least get Quick Takes done every week. For real this time.

1. My little kitchen helpers making a batch of cookies for Daddy.

2. Grammy got this little craft kit for Clare, and she LOVED doing it! Makes a super-cute flower headband, necklace, or bracelet. Thank you, Mom!

3. For a long time it was hard for me to give up my perfectionism and allow Clare to "help" me with the household duties. It was easier for me to just make her bed for her, fold all the clothes, and put away all the dishes so that it was all done correctly. But I finally realized that I'm doing her no favors by doing everything for her, and that it's part of my duty as a wife and mother not only to keep my house clean and neat, but to train my children to do the same. How can I expect them to be able to do it later in life if I don't start giving them the tools now, even if it's not "perfect" according to my standards? So, I have relaxed and allow both Clare and James to help me with the chores they are able.

I can say that it is paying off! Not only does Clare love earning her own money (thanks to Dave Ramsey, and Financial Peace Jr.), but she really is improving. Check out these (sorted!) and folded towels that Clare did the other day.

4. Happened upon this in our hallway yesterday. Yes, it's Clare's baby in a time out. I asked her what Baby had done to get a time out. Clare's answer: "She was throwing a fit and screaming and wouldn't stop." Now you know how the past few days of life at the Herring house have been. :)

5. After reading The Read-Aloud Handbook (thanks Kris & Theresa!) I've been completely convinced of the necessity of training my children to become lifetime readers, instilling in them a love of reading from early on in their lives. So seeing scenes like these make me so happy!

6. We went to the Tacoma Children's Museum today with Lindsey and John. What a great idea, Lindsey! Thanks so much -- we all had a blast and look forward to our next outing with you guys.

7. I'm going through Fascinating Womanhood again. It's truly a life-changing book. Before I read this book this summer while Tom was in Japan, I thought I was doing a pretty good job at being a good wife. This book is eye-opening and forces me to love more and give more than I ever thought I could. I think it is truly a book for a lifetime - I constantly need reminders on how I should be and could be loving my wonderful husband more every day. I highly recommend it to any and every Christian wife.