Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's been a day

Ever had one of those days? Today has been one. The morning went well; my friend Christina came over and we chatted for a little bit while her son Eddie and Clare played together. Then Shannon and I decided to run a couple of errands to get a few things we need for Mom's 50th birthday bash. James slept the whole time and Clare was an angel in Hallmark (I know! I'm surprised too...lots of little things to play with and break).

We got home without a hitch, and then all hell seemed to break loose.

James woke up and decided he was hungry. Clare didn't eat much breakfast, so she was hungry. Both babies were cranky. I managed to make some lunch quickly for myself and Clare while nursing James. Then Clare decided that she was more interested in eating her sour cream with her fingers and wiping them everywhere than actually eating lunch. When I scooted her plate over toward me so I could control the eating, she got mad and dumped her cup of water all over the table. She got sent to her room for a few minutes until she could come back and eat nicely - and I scarfed the rest of my lunch.

She came back to the table and I managed to get a bit more food in her, then she claimed that she was all done with lunch and needed to go #2. Off to the bathroom we went...where she proceeded to cry that she wanted her shoes off. When I tried to take them off she screamed that she wanted them on and that she was "all done" on the toilet (she had NOT gone to the bathroom). I told her that we could sit in the bathroom just for a few minutes together while she tried to go. Anyway, after 15 minutes, lots of tears, and on-and-off the toilet, I decided that she wasn't going to go and if she had to just go in her diaper, so be it. This kid needed a nap and I needed a breather. (All this while nursing/burping fussy James) She cried the whole time I put a diaper on her saying that she needed to go back to the toilet, but I wasn't about to start that again. We got her a cup of chocolate milk and went to snuggle in her bed with a couple of books and her bear.

We read books, said her prayers and gave hugs & kisses. As I was about to leave, she said, "Mommy, I love you, sweet heart."

Maybe today isn't as bad as I thought after all. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tom & Mary have a blog!

Hey all,

Since they discontinued use of their YouTube channel, Thomas & Mary have created a blog for their family. Check out the side bar on our blog to get to theirs! Man, we miss them already. Clare keeps talking about "Dom Dom;" I don't think she realizes that she hasn't seen him in a while. :( Oh, to be little and have no concept of how long it's been since you have seen or will see your friends...