Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Fun

We've had lots of fun turning these

and these

into this (finished raspberry jam not pictured).

The kids thought it would be a good idea to wear my and Clare's chapel veils while watching Mass on EWTN the other day.

Our 2nd Annual Forest Park outing with Grandma, Steph, Ceci, Miss Lindsey, and John this week:

My lavender is going nuts in the front yard! I just had to bring some of it inside to enjoy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A couple pictures

Guess what color marker James ate. He's pretty proud of his accomplishments.

Our conversation tonight:

Tom: "Kids went down pretty easily. I think they're getting the hang of quieting down quicker with both of them in their room together."

Carrie: "You're right. I guess I hadn't noticed how much faster it was tonight."

(Both thinking this was a major victory for us as parents)

When I went in to our room to get myself ready for bed, this is what I saw:

Sneaky little monkeys crept in to our bed! No wonder they were so quiet. Oh well. At least they're sleeping, right? Still claiming victory for the parents.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Ahmus visit WA!

Since we got married, we've managed to spend a week in the summer with Matt & Jenny and their family. This year, instead of us going to Sacramento (much to Tom's chagrin, as the weather here in WA was very un-summery), Matt, Jenny, and their kids came to us! Kids and parents all had a blast! Thanks, Ahmu family, for making it such a wonderful week for our family. We love you and miss you already.

Here are a few highlights from their time here...

Great Wolf Lodge

After the first afternoon playing at Great Wolf Lodge:

Painting on a rainy day

Playing at Point No Point beach on a beautiful afternoon

Lucy and James piling sand on each other's heads

How to make your kids sit in one spot not moving arms or legs for 30 minutes and have them think it's the coolest thing in the world

Story time with Aunt Jenny before bedtime