Saturday, February 12, 2011

James and the onion

This little episode in the Adventures of James-ey Boy has a total elapsed time of about 45 seconds.

Me: "James, those onions are icky. No touching, you won't like it."

He succeeds in grabbing one off the counter and popping it in his mouth anyway.

Me: "I told you they were icky." I'm a fan of natural consequences when I can get them. :) After he got done showering the kitchen in a spray of chewed-up onion, he looked at me like, "How in the world could you let me do that???" Maybe next time he'll listen when I say something is icky...

1 comment:

Ryan M.D. said...

Yes James-y-boy. Onions aren't really great raw. wait til your mom has cooked them! mmm maybe even sweetened them!