Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adventures in Couponing

Thanks to the inspiration of a few good friends -- thank you, Kristine and Cheri -- I have entered the wonderful world of couponing.

I'm still a newbie and make a few mistakes, but we're already noticing a HUGE difference in our grocery bills each month. For example, here's the run down on my short trip to Albertson's yesterday:

Shelf cost (what it would have cost w/o preferred card or coupons): $22.18
Coupons redeemed: $18.06
Discounts: $6.06
Total Savings: $24.12 = 108.75%

Pretty sweet if you ask me, and totally worth the time and effort!


Mallahan Family said...

Yeah! Isn't it fun? It is kind of like a hobby with great benefits for the whole family. I love that I can save so much money with not that much work. If you need diapers and have huggies coupons there is a pretty good sale starting Sunday at Rite-Aid.

The Herring family said...

Thanks, Cheri, for the head's up. I do have the Huggies coupons and will make sure I check out Rite Aid this week! :) I can't believe how much money I let fly out the door before I started doing this. Makes me retroactively mad at myself for not doing it sooner.

Jenkins Family said...

Hey pass on how to get started and usage.