Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Shannon and I are going to a 3-day silent retreat following St. Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises this weekend, and I'm going to be busy packing and getting myself and James all ready to go, so this week's Quick Takes are going to be quick indeed.

1. Happy Birthday, Shanny! Today is my dear sister's birthday. Love you, Shan.

2. Please pray for all the ladies who will be on retreat this weekend - there are about 60 of us going!


Couldn't resist snapping a picture of Clare snuggling with her Jesus in her sleep.


The obligatory "kids on the couch" picture. We had so much fun having Kristine and Avila here to play while Mary and the boys were visiting. You'll notice that Clare and Avila are wearing "princess outfits." :) Clare still wakes up and asks for "Miss Kristine and Avila coming to play." We need to make that happen again, Kris!


We love having Nichole and Marc here! Clare LOVES them both, as you can see by her snuggling right up on the couch with them after her bath. They are awesome, and so patient with us - even with Tom ending up having to work overnight and me falling asleep nursing James before I could get their beds set up (sorry guys!). Imagine my horror when I woke at midnight and realized that I'd left them out in the living room to fend for themselves. They were so gracious and happily left the couches and went to beds once I moved Clare out of her room for them.


Is Clare ready for summer? She doesn't seem to understand how it can be so sunny but not be the time for setting up the swimming pool out in the back yard. She is wearing not one, not two, but three swimsuits here, complete with a sun hat. That's my girl.


A couple of weeks ago, around the 5-month mark, we decided to start experimenting with James and some rice cereal just to see if he was in to it or not. He wasn't. So I would try to give him a little tiny bit every now and again just to see when he was ready. This past week he started really showing interest - gobbling it down like I'd been starving him for the better part of 6 months!


Michael and Kristine said...

I'm up for another playdate soon! That was a blast.

Erin said...

Hope you have a great retreat, who is watching Clare with Tom working? Wow, you have had a busy couple of weeks!! Need to get together again soon as well! Love the pics, thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Shannon, mayeb once Lent is over I will see you again at Starbucks!!