Monday, December 21, 2009

Quick Takes...Monday...

I think I need to leave a note for myself to post 7 Quick Takes on Fridays until I get in the habit of doing it. Here are a few things on my mind/going on in our world.

1. Clare is such a little mommy! She's "nursing" her bear right now...complete with putting a nursing pad in her shirt.

2. My dream of having a mantle for Christmas has come true! My mom and her husband Tom came up yesterday to hang out for the afternoon and Tom said, "Hey, I think I can put a mantle together for you today." So he brought up his saw and compressor and this is what he was able to craft in the short span of only 4 hours! We're still going to try to figure out a way to hang the stockings without blocking the beautiful work that Tom did, but this is what it looks like for now.

3. The bottom strand of Christmas lights went out on our tree. I was so annoyed that I had to dismantle the tree almost entirely to pull the stupid thing off. By the time I got done doing that I had wasted so much time that I decided to forgo putting on another strand to replace it, so I just rearranged the 2nd string of lights so that there are at least some on the bottom 1/3 of the tree...although it's definitely not lit up as much as the top 2/3. Oh well. Perfectionism has gone out the window in so many ways.

4. Clare is trying to insist that she wants to wear panties again. Yes, she went back in to diapers after James was born. She is, however, also refusing to go to the bathroom on the toilet, so this means that I have lots to clean up these days...couches, floors, beds. Argh. I'm tired of it. Back to diapers.

5. Breastfed baby poo supposedly "doesn't stink." I beg to differ.

6. I learned something that I think is going to revolutionize my cooking and grocery habits: roasting a whole chicken. Wow. Talk about a MUCH less expensive way to get chicken meat than buying a bag of frozen chicken breasts.

7. James puked all over me and the floor and the pew at our Holy Hour on Thursday. Not a little baby spit up. Vomit. Yuck.

I just realized that much of this post revolves around bodily functions. Ahhh, such is my life with a toddler and an infant.


Mary said...

Looks gorgeous Care!! WOW! Very nice of Tom!

Erin said...

Ok, so I am laughing so hard at this post. Sounds so familiar!! I have thought of doing these posts but always feel like I dont have anything "interesting" to share! I hear you on the diapers...although Angel has been forewarned that after Christmas it is time to say bye bye to diapers. I would LOVE to have a mantle, jealous....and it looks beautiful!! Perfectionists that have loosened up...unite and form a support group! And yes, poop and spit up do stink, washing my house clothes almost every day! And Clare pretending to nurse just makes me laugh. Great post!