Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seven Things I Love

Cheri tagged me, and because I generally am terrible at doing things like this I thought I'd participate. Problem is coming up with seven more people to tag...Oh, well. On to the list.

1) Snuggling with my husband and daughter on lazy weekend mornings.

2) The quiet in the early mornings after Tom goes to work and Clare isn't awake for another couple of hours. It affords me the opportunity to spend some time with Our Lord in prayer and get some reading for enjoyment done - or just going back to bed for an hour until Clare wakes up, which I've been doing lately. I'm trying to relish this time now, because it may disappear when Little Guy arrives soon.

3) Crawling in to fresh, crisp sheets that just came out of the laundry.

4) Seeing Clare entertain herself quietly - recent activities include reading to her baby doll in her little rocking chair, coloring, and playing dress up in any clothes/shoes she can find in various closets and drawers around the house.

5) A job well done. Some days I feel like I simply maintain. I love the days when I get everything checked off of my to-do list and STILL don't feel harried as soon as Tom walks in the door from work.

6) My vocation. God sure knew what He was doing when He placed this vocation as a wife and mother in my heart. He has shown me what it really means to love, and I pray that I can continue to grow in imitation of His self-giving.

7) Anticipating the arrival of Baby Herring. The day is getting closer and closer, and Clare is really starting to get excited. She gives my belly hugs and kisses and says, "Out, baby!" I think she's going to be a great big sister.

Now I guess I'll tag: Athena, Lindsey, Erin, Jenny, Val, Bryan, Nichole.

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