Sunday, April 26, 2009

A new Mayer family arrival!

Welcome, Jackson William Mayer! Little Jackson was born to Amelia and Bill this morning at about 9:30 AM, weighing 5 lbs. 2 oz. and 19 inches long. Amelia, Jack, and Bill are doing well and are recovering after quite the adventure...

A couple of weeks ago Amelia had appendicitis and had to have an appendectomy -- and so far along in to her pregnancy the doctors weren't sure if it could send her in to labor. Adventure #1.

Fast forward to Friday and Adventure #2. Bill & Amelia decided to drive 8 hours to Denver to spend time with family for his nephew's First Holy Communion, even though Amelia was 35 weeks pregnant. Well, her water broke on Friday night - 8 hours from home and earlier than expected! They were admitted to the hospital where they awaited little Jack's arrival anxiously. She started contractions last night (Saturday - after a day at the hospital) and was able to have him naturally without having to go in for a C-section (thank God!).

Fortunately they are near family and Bill's parents rushed out to get them a car seat so they'd have something to bring the baby home in -- all their baby gear is at home in Dubois. Amelia says that they are doing well, exhausted, and so thankful for the support they are receiving from friends in prayer and family who are with them in Denver.

Keep Bill, Amelia, and Jack in your prayers as they wait to see when they can take him home to Wyoming.

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