Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall = Carrie's favorite season

And how could it not be my favorite season, with the wind and rain outside my door, leaves turning brilliant shades of red and gold, jumping in puddles, a cozy warm house for our family, and the holidays quickly approaching? Here are some snapshots from Fall at the Herring house...
All the trick-or-treaters at Grandma & Grandpa's for Halloween.
Our little fairy girl
I can't even begin to say how excited James was to be Spider-Man.
James wanted Andrew to be a "big fat alley-gator," but he said that a little dragon was good enough. And here are a couple of shots of our Fall mantle decorated. I love the warm colors of Fall; they just make me feel warm and cozy by looking at them!
I saw the idea for the "thanks" candle holders on Pinterest. Cost about $6 in glasses from the Dollar Tree, and it's a good reminder that we should be thankful for all that God has given us. This is the wall behind our couch. After we re-painted, we had an enormous empty space, and I had fun filling it. :)
And what would a blog post be without a picture of a recent injury? James was pushing around the lower rack of the dishwasher and tripped and fell on his face -- on the tines that stick up to hold plates. When I saw his eyes bleeding, I immediately thought that we would have a blind child for life, but THANK GOD the wounds are just superficial cuts on his eyelids. His eyes are fine.

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Mary said...

GREAT post Care!!! Love ALL the pics and I just might have to steal your "thanks" idea...LOVE IT! Your house looks fantastic and makes me want to just cozy up on your couch for awhile :)
Miss you and love you!