Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, James

Things I've said to James that I never had to say to Clare:

"No climbing in the pantry!"

"Dryers are for clothes, not kids."

"Get down from the window sill!"

"We go pee pee in the toilet or in your diaper. Not your pillow."

"Rocks are icky; no eating please."

"Don't play in the dog poop!"

"It's Mommy's job to take out light bulbs, not yours."

"Baseball bats are for balls, not people."


Molly said...

Re: the second quote...

Start watching at about 3:25...

The Herring family said...

Mary said...

Isn't is so true! LOL...Boys and girls are SO different! :) Love that boy!
SO wish he had his cousins to play with!!!
We miss you guys! Love you!