Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I figured out this morning that my phone has a limit on how many times you can push the snooze button on the alarm: 7 times. Yes, that's right, folks! I attempted to snooze 8 times this morning. Alas, it didn't work, and I had to drag my bum out of bed. Lest you think I slept the day away, I still did manage to make it out of bed by 6:30, and my alarm only has a 5-minute snooze (pretty lousy, if you ask me). We've been having some sleep issues here with our sweet darling princess girl so Mommy's had a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings.

2. Me to Tacoma News Tribune customer service: "Um, hi, yeah, I have a problem with the delivery of my newspaper." Customer Service: "Oh, did we miss a delivery?" Me: "No, I've been getting my papers." Customer Service: "Were there pieces missing?" Me: "No, everything's fine with the paper, it's just that I wanted to ask if you could ask the paper carrier to try to hit my driveway if possible. For the past 3 days I've gone outside to see my newspaper in my flower bed where my crocuses and daffodils are trying to bloom, and he keeps crushing my flowers!" I'm sure they thought I was the dumbest person alive, and I'm sure the carrier really thinks he's hitting my driveway -- but maybe a little more focus on the 15 feet of pavement and a little less on the 2-foot width of flower bed would be nice.

3. I'm sporting a nice welt and bruise on my eye thanks to James's attempt to simultaneously climb in to my bed and hand me a hard-cover book to read to him. A little eyeshadow and it *almost* looks like part of my makeup routine.

4. With all the nuclear craziness in Japan the past week, we've been on standby, just waiting for Tom to go to Japan for 2 weeks - 1 month to help with efforts to monitor the environment and the people for detectable radiation. Thank goodness it looks like he won't have to go. At least not now, anyway. But, even though we're civilians, we've learned that with the Navy, things could be very different 5 minutes from now.

5. We finally have Tom home on a somewhat normal schedule now. For the past few weeks he was working 12 hours a day, first on swing shift, then on the back shift (6-6 through the night). Ugh. I *hate* it when he's on weird schedules, because it throws our whole family off. It's nice to have him back for a while. The back shift is the hardest, because I have to try to keep kids quiet while he sleeps during the day, and then he's gone for the most trying part of my day -- late afternoon/evening. I try (somewhat successfully) to have a good attitude and just be thankful that I have such a hard-working husband who takes good care of his family.

6. Clare and James's most recent favorite things: grapes. I literally can't bring them out until the end of a meal because once they spot those things there's no getting them to eat anything else. I guess it's a good problem to have.

7. On the menu for tonight: black bean and rice enchiladas. It's a great Friday meal, and one that every time we have, Tom says, "These are good, but they'd be so much better with some meat in them." I guess that's the point of making a little sacrifice, huh? :)

Happy Friday to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Oh the similarities in our lives... Catherine is having sleeping problems, too, which makes Jen a dull girl come morning time. You were up and at 'em far earlier than I was this morning!

We're having black beans and rice, too, although not in enchiladas. We're a family of meat lovers, so I have very few meatless recipes... I"m doing my best to make the meals tasty!