Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Do-Over

Today I'm thankful for the "do-over."

Nothing to do with sports; this has everything to do with life.

Yesterday was, as Clare would put it, "a rough day." Sometimes I marvel at how quickly my sweet little 2-year old can go from super helpful angel girl (she folded/put away a bunch of laundry AND helped unload the diswasher - unprompted) to a stubborn, no-nap, tantrum-throwing tornado of emotions. By the time Tom came home from work and doing schoolwork I was ready to stand on the street corner and sell her to the lowest bidder.

I was just looking forward to a new day, a new start, with my little girl. A chance to begin again - for both of us. I just wanted to scream, "Do over!" like we used to do when missing a serve at family volleyball games as kids.

Reflecting on my desire for a do-over with Clare last night, I realized that this has implications far beyond parenting. I not only wanted a do-over for myself, I had to be willing to let Clare have another shot at having a good day without letting the cloud of yesterday's craziness settle on my heart.

This is only a *tiny* portion of what God our loving Father must experience when we, His beloved children, rebel, refuse to listen, and throw temper tantrums. Yet, day in and day out, He gives us another shot. Another opportunity to love Him better, to obey Him better, to shout to Heaven, "Do over!"


Mary said...

GREAT reflection Care! Thanks for that! I'm gonna call that niece of mine!!! Missing you! Love you!

Bill, Amelia and Jack said...

I love it too! What a good reminder for me too and funny because Bill is always joking he is going to sell Jack! Miss you!

Jenny said...

Carrie, this post helped me a lot, esp. with having a nearly two year old boy with us who is prone to loud and dramatic tantrums most days. A coworker of mine said that he is normal, but with everything he’s going through, it’s normal to the extreme. I’ve been having several do-over days.

The Herring family said...

Jenny, have you read Dr. Ray Guarendi's "Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime?" It's awesome! I just finished it, and while much of the advice is geared toward older children, there's are some great sections on toddler antics like the ever popular "theatrical tantrum" and how to respond to them. :)

Jenny said...

No, I haven't, but I will add it to my list-thanks! Other books suggested to me were "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" and "Love and Logic."

Ryan M.D. said...

Hey I don't have any kids that I know of...haha. But when I worked with the crazy two year olds there were many days like that. They could go from being the the monster screaming NO! and then want to be the most angelic soon after. I think it's easy to forget that they are trying to learn boundaries and what is what. 3 becomes a little more stable but i'm no professional. Good luck to you!