Monday, June 1, 2009

Graduation and Bedtime Battles update

Clare with her Aunt Kristy ("Kiki") at the BBQ celebration of her graduation Summa Cum Laude from NNU. When Clare was born Kristy made me promise her one thing: that she would never be "Aunt Kiki". Well, unfortunately "Kristy" is a little difficult for a little mouth to say. So for now she's "Aunt Kiki." Sorry, Kris.

Clare got a little restless during the graduation ceremony, so she took a walk outside with Great Uncle Lee and Papa.

She was holding up the walk back to the hotel after graduation, so Papa put her on his shoulders -- she seemed to like the view from up here!

Clare and one of her new favorite people - my cousin Samantha. Sami was so sweet with Clare, and I think Clare liked having a "big girl" to chase around and hang out with while we were in Idaho.

Clare loves Fr. Lappe and babies, so Fr. Lappe + baby John Vianney = something that made Clare very happy. She's actually really gentle with babies, and loves taking "her turn" holding baby John. I think she's going to be a great big sister.

Enjoying the sunshine for a few minutes with Aunt Shannon. Don't worry, Clare was slathered with SPF 50 sunscreen. :) She now thinks that the only purpose for the deck is lying down, and can usually be seen dragging her baby, bear, pillow, and blanket outside to go "night-night" even after the sun's gone down.

And now for the grand finale photo of the month:

Yes, that would be Clare in her own bed with (along with her bunny and all 20 other stuffed animals and babies with whom she insists on sleeping) after going down for her nap today with NO FUSSING AT ALL. We've had a breakthrough in the last few days as far as bedtime battles go. Clare's been going to sleep and staying that way with little to no crying at all. It's been awesome, and she's a happier girl now that she's sleeping well. Finally, I no longer dread bedtime.

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