Saturday, April 18, 2009

I know, I know, it's been a month!

Well, I figured that after a month of not posting it was probably time for me to put some pictures on here. After doing one of these monthly update-type blogs I always kick myself for not keeping up better on our blog and resolve to do better...and I'm usually back here a month later. Maybe one of these days some of my friends will rub off on me and I'll do it at least weekly.

That said, here are some pictures from the past month.

Clare's in the phase where picking out her own interesting outfits is better than putting on anything that Mama could have picked out. If it gets quiet, I can usually safely assume that she's in her bedroom tearing apart her closet and dresser (yes, this is a daily occurence) and finding some really cute combinations. Here are a few:

Dressing up in Grammy's shoes and scarf

Wearing my sweatshirt -- and pretty darn proud of the fact that she got it over her head by herself

Her shirt is around her waist and she loves oven mitts

How in the world does bedhead like this happen?

Our trip to the park with Mary, Dominick, and some of her Herring aunties

Dom loved the baby swing. Clare...not so much. She wanted to swing by herself in the big kid swings. Independent little thing.

At the top of the big slide with Bex and Anna

Giving Daddy a daisy that she picked

She got on this rocking car thing all by herself and now it's her favorite thing to play on -- unless you count climbing on the monkey bars that are meant for big kids

Dom loves Tom and mauls him almost every time he sees him

We spent Easter with the Herrings and went to Mass at 8:15 (the girls' choir sang - they sounded like angels) then over to Tim & Theresa's to take a nap and get ready for the indoor egg hunt and afternoon dinner with the Sniders and our friends the Spinners whose whole family entered the Church just the night before at the Easter Vigil.

Clare and the beautiful Herring girls

Both grandbabies were ready for a nap and tired of this photo shoot in their Easter outfits. Thanks Uncle Matt & Aunt Jenny for the Easter dress -- Clare screams, "Pretty!" every time she sees it.

How do you get annoyed with the milk mess the kid makes with her cereal bowl when she's turned it in to a mini holy water font and is "blessing" herself with it?

Anna feeding the seagulls off the ferry on our way to Seattle and Woodland Park Zoo. We created quite a stir on the ferry and had people gathered at the windows watching and taking pictures of us feeding the birds. Apparently it wasn't something they'd seen before.

Clare and Dom got the best view of the elephants from atop Maddy & Angel's shoulders

It was a long day of walking around in the sun. I don't think Angel knew what she'd volunteered for when she offered to put Clare in the Ergo -- she ended up taking her nap here on poor Chich's back. You're a trooper!

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