Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A fluke?

I'm hoping that Clare's most recent feat was just a fluke. She's been working on crawling now for a while, but seems content to just scoot and roll to wherever she wants to go. She gets up on to her hands and knees and rocks back & forth, but when she actually wants to get somewhere, she just flops down and army crawls. Lately, though, when she gets up on her hands and knees, she doesn't stay there -- she pushes up on to her feet (like the yoga positions of plank or down-dog). Then, last night she managed to scoot & pull herself over to the coffee table, get in to a sitting position, and pull herself up to her feet. Granted, she didn't quite make it all the way up before her knees buckled and she fell over...but she was sure trying. Like I said, I hope it was just a fluke.

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