Friday, November 2, 2007

Warning: His Dark Material

I sent out a mass email today to a bunch of our family and friends regarding a book series entitled His Dark Material by a British author named Philip Pullman. If the title itself isn't warning enough, the subject matter is. The author uses these books as a thinly-veiled attempt at bringing down religion and belief in God by targeting children. Here is the text of my email:

Here is a link to Steve Wood's website (Family Life Center) and the
list of his recent radio shows. On October 25, he devoted an entire
hour-long program to exposing the horrible realities of a book series
that will be making its way to America very soon. It's called "His
Dark Material," and the first book in the series, "The Golden Compass"
has recently been made in to a major motion picture that is coming out
around Christmas time.

This whole series is a direct and diabolical attempt to undermine
Christianity and a belief in God at all by targeting children. The
movie is made by the same company that produced "The Lord of the
Rings" and promises to be very well-done and popular. Please visit
the website and if you have an hour to listen, inform yourself about
it so that you can defend yourself, your family, and your friends
against it. It is so important that we pass this information on to
all who will listen; the author himself has said that he is attempting
to put a stop to belief in God through this series. We need to try to
stop him.

The author has a website devoted to the book series, which you can visit here. On this site you can "learn" how to read the alitheometer (some contraption in the books & movie), somewhat akin to tarot card reading. Scary stuff that's being foisted on to our children, isn't it?

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