Friday, September 28, 2007

Bath Time!

When we first brought her home, Clare hated bath time, because it involved laying her down on the kitchen counter and wiping her off with a wet washcloth. She really doesn't like being cold, and even now she gets really fussy when you take her pants off to do a diaper change, although it's getting a lot easier as time goes by.

But after her umbilical cord fell out(after the first week), we were able to start using her baby bath tub that fits in to our kitchen sink. She likes it a lot better, since she can be in the warm water. It's usually a 2-person job, since she's kind of squirmy, but Tom usually is in charge of keeping warm water running on her so that any part of her that's out of the water doesn't get cold while I wash her.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's bath. The only part she screams at anymore is when we take her out of the water and transfer her to her hooded towel. After we get her wrapped up, she's all happy again.


Erin said...

So fun....she will probably start to enjoy it more and more...wait until she can splash!! Not sure if I told you before, but we found that Angel would stop screaming when we took her out from a bath if we used my hair dryer to blow her dry. I think the noise and warm air made her feel also really dried her bum well to help eliminate moisture for diaper rash!!

Tom & Carrie Herring said...


You are FULL of great ideas! Where do you get them all? Or are you just that creative? :) Looking forward to talking to you!

Chris & Bekah said...

Your baby is so cute, I hope we get a chance you see you guys and baby in person sometime soon, God bless guys, congrats again! :)