Friday, July 6, 2007

Pregnant Pictures of Carrie

Well, here we go. You'll all have to bear with me as I figure out how this whole blog thing goes. So many of you family and friends who are far away have been asking for a long time to see pictures of me pregnant, and I thought that this was probably the easiest way to go about doing that. Sorry for the delay on this -- our camera broke and we've been trying to work on getting it fixed, and finally ended up borrowing my sister Kristy's camera for a little bit. Thanks, Kristy, for obliging!

Anyway, just a quick update before we get to the pictures. I'm 29 weeks along -- for all of you out there who don't like measuring things in weeks, that means I'm a couple weeks in to my 7th month of pregnancy. Still feeling great, but reality is really starting to set in that we are going to have A BABY in 9 weeks! I still can't believe it. I had an ultrasound at 20 weeks (5 months) and the Doctor said it looks like we're having a baby girl...but that we shouldn't paint the room pink yet, just in case we get a surprise. So, we're calling the baby "her," and will just have to apologize to our son for calling him a girl for so many months if it turns out that we have a boy. Another very common question is: "So...what about names?" And I can honestly tell you that we haven't decided on anything. We have been kicking around a few ideas, but really haven't settled on anything at all.

I think that's about it for now. I plan on putting up some pictures of the house sometime in the near future so you can all see our humble abode.


Val said...

Yay baby!!!!

Tom & Carrie Herring said...

Thanks, Val! Sorry we missed your engagement party...Can't be in 2 places at once, now can we? : (

Annie said...

Carrie! You're beautiful! Can't wait to see you both again! Much love and prayers!
God bless!

Beth said...

OH Carrie and Tom that's so wonderful! I'm so happy for you two! I can't wait to be preggers LOL...
God Bless,

Lemmon said...

You look so wonderful!! :) And to second Val, yay baby!!!! :)

CJ said...

Thanks for the pictures..we've been waiting and bugging Shan! You look great, Carrie! We are so happy for you both. My sis will be heading over the hill on Saturday with some baby gear for ya!

Shanny said...

Hi Seester. You look fantastic, by the by. Can't wait to see you, rub your belly for luck and all that good stuff. Tell Tomothy I said, "Hello," and I hope he has fun in Japan. I'll miss seeing him. love.

Aunt Joan said...

Dear Tom and Carrie.
So glad I got to see your pictures! I loved every minute of being pregnant, and every minute ( mostly ) of being a Mom.
I am trying to learn the internet better, so I will be able to communicate with my children, when they are gone from home.
I sent a box to your Mom.
Love Joan