Monday, July 9, 2007

Christ's Presence in the Blessed Sacrament

The other day, Tom and I were hanging out at his parents' house and were talking with his dad about God's greatness and how unfathomable it is that He, the God of the universe, has a personal interest in the most minute of details in the workings of the world and our lives. Really, if we take a step back, we are nothing more than a tiny speck in God's creation - but somehow God loves that speck.

Skip ahead to our Holy Hour on Sunday morning. I was reflecting on what we had talked about and it seems silly now, because it's something we say all the time...but it struck me afresh that I was in the Presence of this Great God. All of a sudden I became aware of my smallness and my iniquity and so thankful that Christ chose to humble Himself to the appearance of bread and wine. If He was there in the Tabernacle, robed in all His glory, how could I dare to approach Him? Instead, He choses in every moment of every day to divest Himself of His glory in order to make Himself approachable to poor sinners who seek His Presence. What a humbling thought...God is so good!

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Ryan M.D. said...

Well Said! I think you summed it up. I wonder that a lot and look hoe I turned out. hahah!
==this is Ryan Danaher by the way the one at WWU from Bremerton==